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Blue Cars

This website is devoted entirely to the blue car, so if you're an enthusiast of cool blue cars, then stick around. We use the term 'blue car' to mean a vehicle that is actually blue in color or uses the word blue in the name of the car.


A blue car, in other words can be, a truck, SUV, or even a race vehicle as I've defined it. As you've surely noticed (I know, don't call you Shirley) that typical automobiles come in all sorts of colors.


blue car
Blue car that will run faster than you can.

Having a blue cool car is one option. But, there are many other options on the spectrum as well.

So, why is the blue car so special? And why is a blue light on a blue car even more special? And why is a K-Mart blue light special on cool cars also of interest? These are the questions that we will almost answered on this website.

Of course we ask that you not take our blue car website too seriously and we like to have fun around here. For those serious types who can't take a joke and have no sense of humor whatsoever, you may want to check out our turquoise car, cyan car or aqua car websites. In fact, the aqua cool cars also run underwater, but I digress.

blue cars
Blue cars in all their glory from old to futuristic are pictured.
Any how, you came here expecting to see pictures and information about blue cars and by golly that's just what you'll get around here.

On these pages are pictures and information about blue accessories, books, rentals and even the straight poop on the Blue Car movie. Of course if you're no enthusiast of the straight poop or any other kind of pooh for that matter, you may just want to check out the pages on blue race cars, cool hydrogen cars and prices for the blue car of your choice.

Can you tell what may favorite color is yet? Sure, red is popular for autos and so is white. But blue is the color of the sky, the water and me when I'm getting down, playing the harmonica and acting like one of the Blues Brothers.

If you have a picture of your own cool blue car, send it in as I would like to see it. Even if you have close-up photos of your blue BMW parts or blue Mercedes parts that are attached to your overall blue car, then send these pics in as well. If enough people send in their blue car pictures then I'll start other pages for "Readers’ Blue Cars". Don't be shy and send me those pics as others who travel to this website will also want to see your shiny or not so shiny blue car as well.

Blue car enthusiasts can be found all over the world. What's unique however is that not very many websites are dedicated to the blue cool car. But, we are. Sure, there are other colors and other places dedicated to those other color vehicles, but we are blue all the way, baby. So for blue car news and views, check out these pages.

So, blue car enthusiasts take heart as there will be more photos and images to come and more information as well. And, go ahead and tell other blue car enthusiasts about this website as well, as I'll need help getting the word out and like-minded people in.



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