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Blue Car Accessories

Okay, so you have a blue car and you need some accessories to go with it. Look no farther as we'll do a little brainstorming here. The blue car accessories you'll need for your automobile must include things like blue fuzzy dice, a blue Christmas tree scented like blueberries and of course blue floor mats.

But, what other blue car accessories should you have instead of just the basics?

Well, if your seats aren't blue already and you don't want to go to the expense to swap them out, then blue seat covers are in order. Or you could put a couple of blue t-shirts over the front bucket seats like I do and call it a day.

T-shirts are cheap and easy accessories for blue cars since once they get dirty you either wash them or throw them away and get new ones. Some other blue car accessories that you may be interested in include dash mats, cargo liners, pet barriers, car covers and cargo liners.

Of course you could always paint your current accessories blue, but if you're no good with the spray paint can or you want the factory look then buying new is essential. Oh, yes, I've thought of a few more blue car accessories that are must haves (versus must have nots?).

Okay, by very definition, accessories are optional. But, I tell you that once you start accessorizing your blue car it's hard to stop. So, some other blue car accessories that you can't live without include bike racks, car bras (or bros), driving gloves, bumper guards, grille guards, mud guards, rooftop cargo carriers, steering wheel covers and storage accessories.

You may even want a blue bobble head for your dashboard or a blue Hawaiian hula girl to make your long road trips more tolerable. A blue sun or moon roof is a no brainer and you can accomplish this with tinting.

And, the last blue car accessories you'll want to make sure that you have in your vehicle is yourself. Having an all blue automobile is not good if you dress in pinks, reds or other obnoxious colors.

You, my friend will need blue sneakers, blue jeans, a blue shirt and even a blue hat if you're a guy or a blue scarf if you're a girl. The point is to go blue my friend. Blue is the new red (or black, I forget sometimes). So accessorize, euthanize and demoralize is my motto.

Get out there and put on some blue car accessories today. Operators are waiting on hand (sitting on their very blue hands no doubt) for your phone call. Get to it.



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