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Blue Car Book

If you've come here looking for a blue car book you may or may not be in the right place. For instance on this page I do list a couple of blue car books. One of course is the world famous Kelly Blue Book that new and used car buyers must have if they expect to get the price they are expecting for their vehicle.



Another blue car book of course is the world renowned (Okay, locally known) French Racing Blue book available in hardcover. Then again perhaps you've come here looking for something that isn't on the market yet, but should be.



I'm pitching an idea to publishers right now about a blue car book. The book will feature nothing but blue cars in it. It will be a coffee table book similar to the one that Cosmo Kramer on the Seinfeld TV wrote about coffee tables, but different.

My blue car book will also be a scratch n sniff and popup book as well. In fact, the centerfold blue car of the year will popup and you may scratch it and sniff it. The smell will be a combination of blueberries, bluebells and sweat from an Irish kitten.

The blue car book that I am writing will also have a shiny cover and lots of photos of automobiles. Guess what color they all are? That's right, you are a smart one. All of the vehicles in the blue car book are red. No, I mean blue. Except for one that is red. And, that is just there for contrast.

But, I have a New York agent who is shopping around this blue car book and I expect anytime for Motorbooks to come calling, emailing or flying their main editor to my front doorstep offering me a seven figure advance.

I may have to turn down this advance since I'm a married man, but seven lovely figures will be hard to resist I tell you. My blue car book will be published one day I tell you.

You and many others are coming to this website looking for blue cars and books about blue cars so it's only natural that a big hardback or a lovely soft back would sell like hotcakes. By the way, do hotcakes really sell that well?

And there I go off on a tangent again. Anyway, check out this blue car website and if you like what you see and find another resource for a blue car book or two that I haven't mentioned here, give me a shout since I would like to put it on these pages.



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