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Blue Car Movie

This website is dedicated to the blue car and the enthusiast who either has one already or wants one. Be that as it may, you may have come upon this website looking for the movie also called "Blue Car" from 2002. So, in an attempt to provide a comprehensive website about the so-called blue car I've written this page just for the movie buffs.




In the movie, Blue Car, Agnes Bruckner who plays Meg delivers an intense performance about an 18-year-old girl in high school who keeps losing her life options.


First, at a young age her father leaves the family forever, driving away in a blue car.

Meg feels isolated by her overworked and inattentive mother. Her little sister Lily has an eating disorder and other mental problems and is finally confined to an institution where she ultimately commits suicide wanting to fly like an angel.

Meg finds some solace at school. When she wins a poetry contest her English teacher, Mr. Auster takes an interest in her. As she is desperate for a connection with an adult, especially a father figure, Meg also takes an interest in Mr. Auster.

An upcoming national poetry contest brings the two closer together and Meg and Mr. Auster have a sexual relationship. Along the way, Meg looks at Mr. Auster desk and finds out he wasn't writing a novel like he said that he was. She then realizes that he was just using this lie in order to have sex with her.

The melancholy mood of this story is redeemed somewhat at the end, when Meg makes the best choice she can at the time and under these circumstances and decides to go live with her father. And thus, she enters and they drive away in his blue car still confused and distraught at what the future may bring.

So, there you have a synopsis of the Blue Car movie. As literature buffs and other artists will tell you blue symbolizes sadness such as using rain in a movie or piece of music to symbolize the same emotion. Critics of the movie have given it anywhere from a B- to an A- rating. Blue car fans may or may not like the movie as the vehicle is used as a symbol to open and close the movie, but is not the main emphasis of the film.



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