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Blue Car Paint

Blue car paint is a little harder to come by since this color represents only around 12-percent of the vehicles on the road. There are a couple of different types of blue car paint that most automobile owners are interested in.


These two types of paint include touch-up paint for the blue car with nicks, scratches and even some more widespread damage.

The second type of blue car paint is for either repainting your vehicle to its stock color or giving it a new paint job altogether.

Let's start with touch-up. The most common types of blue car touch up paint comes in .5 oz pens for small scratches or 2 oz. bottles with applicators for larger areas. You may have even seen a particular touchup pen advertised on TV that is clear and works with any color.

But, if you have anything more than a minor, thin scratch, you'll want to pick the particular stock paint the suits your car, truck or SUV. There are many places online that sell blue car paint even eBay. But, I've found that cheaper deals may be found elsewhere on other websites that specialize in this area.

On these car paint websites, you basically do a search by inputting the year, make and model of your automobile, then pick out the shade of blue car paint that matches your vehicle. For most vehicles, the choice is easy because there is only one from which to choose for a particular model year.

For those automakers who have come up with several different shades of blue for a particular car in the same model year, many times you can eyeball the difference. If not, then you can either call the car paint company you're thinking of buying from, the automaker or just buying a pen, which is usually between $10 and $20 to test it to see if this is the right color.

For Mustang owners, check out the pre-painted Fox Body to 2019 Mustang parts from AmericanMuscle. You can find blue mirror covers, chin spoilers, hood scoops, and more!

If you do this method then start with a lighter blue and work your way up towards a darker blue. Now, the next kind of paint is for an overall paint job or for those who want to match a larger part of their vehicle to the rest of the car. Say you install a new quarter panel on the vehicle and want it to match the rest of the paint job, you'll need more than touch up paint to accomplish this.

So, in this case you may want to buy your blue car paint by the gallon. Depending upon the paint used, blue car paint can even be cheaper than that in which you've used to paint your house.

Some of the products that the blue car enthusiast may want to consider here include acrylic lacquers, acrylic enamels, acrylic primers, clear coat automotive paint and urethane. You can be these blue car paint products separately or you can buy kits contain most of the items you will need for a professional look.
No matter whether you're touching up your vehicle or matching larger areas to the stock color, or just want to repaint your automobile, you can be sure there is the correct shade of blue car paint for even the pickiest of auto enthusiast.



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