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Blue Car Rental

Securing a blue car rental should not be that difficult. Car rentals come in all makes and models. In order to get a blue car rental, however, may take a little extra work.


The upfront work will be the most effort you'll making in getting yourself or your family in a blue rental car.

For instance, start online with the car rental companies and pick a few that offer what you want.

For instance most car rental organizations online will ask what destination (airport, port of call or other) that you would like to pick up your automobile from and deliver it back to. Dates and times of these transactions will also be asked so that a price can be quoted.

Your age may also be asked along with the class of rental car you desire. The class such as economy, compact, intermediate, standard, full size, premium etc and location of the rental car company may determine how many blue rental cars they currently have in stock. And this number can change depending upon the day of pickup.

If you must have a blue rental car (because blue is your favorite color, right or because you're a businessperson and your client loves blue) then you may have to be flexible about the class of vehicle you choose.

Once you have secure some rental car estimates online, it's time to call the companies directly at your pickup location. Ask the customer service rep (CSR), the number of blue rental cars they have on hand now, the class of car with the most blue models and what the turnover rate is for blue cars.

The CSR may be only able to give you a ballpark figure but that is fine for now. As long as they have an adequate amount of blue rental cars in your class and just above or below, you should be fine. Call several agencies at your pickup location to compare their particular blue rental car types with the other agencies.

Once you make your choice, you can go back online and secure your blue rental car or perhaps you would like to book it over the phone with the agency you're most comfortable that can deliver for which are looking.

A blue rental car is not all that unique. But, remember out of the entire market, the color blue only captures 12-percent and must follow while, silver, black, red and gray as the most popular car colors.

So, with 12-percent to work with, getting a blue rental car is a little more challenging but not as challenging as say getting a green rental car that captures only 2-percent of the market. So, research your vehicle online, make your calls to several companies and then make your decision based upon the information at hand and the odds of getting the blue rental car that you want.

If you pick the right agency then you may want to stick with them again. If not then move on down the list to the next agency that is most likely have your blue rental car.



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