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Blue Car Value

The value of a blue car is basically in the eyes of the beholder. To a blue car enthusiast, the value may be way above and beyond that of a red, white or black vehicle. The Kelly Blue Book may be helpful in determining your car in general, but when it comes to color you may have to go elsewhere.


Since blue cars only represent only 12-percent of the total vehicle population in the U. S. it is a bit more difficult to find than other colors.

Some people don't value vehicle colors as much as others. For instance, many people will accept several different colors like white, silver or yellow.

Others however, may be specific in their choices and require a blue car or even more specifically a particular shade of blue. For instance suppose your looking for a light blue car such as a 1969 Camaro. You may have to look high and low for this vehicle.

Or perhaps you'd like to find a steel blue Ford truck of any year. Again, because of the particular requirement you may have a hard time finding this vehicle. But, suppose you're a seller and want to get rid of your particular shade of blue car.

The blue car value of your vehicle may be way over book price if you can connect with the right buyer. If you are buying or selling it is important to know the relative value of the blue car in the first place.

By doing a few online searches for your particular car and shade of blue, you will likely come up with at least several results. This way you can compare prices to see either what to list the vehicle for or buy the vehicle for.

The distance of the vehicle may also come into play as some many not want to go to the trouble and expense of flying cross country to drive their new blue car home or having it towed or transported to you.

The blue car value for some makes and models of vehicles may be inconsequential since this may have been a common color for the manufacturer. Another option is to buy the vehicle of your choice and use blue car paint to restore it to that for which you've been looking.

This may even increase the value of the blue car if this is not a common color for that particular vehicle. Like I had stated before, though, the value is in the eye of the beholder. Some will pay book price and some over to get just the right blue car for which they've been looking.



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