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Blue Cars

Blue cars by definition is the plural of blue car. In other words blue cars is more than just one vehicle sitting in a 7-Eleven parking lot with its owner showing it off to whomever happens to drive by.


Blue cars have struck the fancy of many automobile enthusiasts since the invention of the automobile began.

Even before the automobile was invented cavemen invented wheels for carts, and guess what color those carts were? You're right, they were blue.

And in 1672 a Chinese gentleman invented a small scale steam powered vehicle and guess what color this blue car was? Well, well, duh I just gave it away. And Karl Benz and actress Mercedes Ruehl invented several blue cars together. They called them Buicks.

But, nonetheless, blue cars have struck the fancy of many consumers and enthusiasts over the years. In fact many exhibitionists also love blue cars. They arrive at car shows in the buff and show off their blue cars. If the weather is particular cold then other parts of the anatomy may be blue as well.

The blue cars on this page are representative of some of the more cool photos that I have been able to gather. If you have pictures of one or more blue cars that you own, then please send them in as I would like to take a look see and possibly publish your pics on these pages.

Being a fan and owner of a couple of blue cars myself I enjoy seeing that same passion in others. One thing that I haven't see but I would like to is a nationwide car show devoted entirely to blue cars. Now, wouldn't that be cool!

Yes, all different makes and models of autos can be represented as long as they are blue or one of the many shades of blue. A visual spectrograph meter may be needed in order to distinguish shade of blue from blue-green for instance, or deep blue from deep purple (and I'm not talking about the band here). Okay, yes I am.

But, in other words, why should there be a car show just for cars of a particular color and in this case, blue?

This is an abomination I tell you! This is discrimination. This is sublimation. This is arbitration. This is a nation of false proclamations and insinuation.

And, yes, once again I digress. But, blue is the new black, so blue cars are very in right now. In fact, blue cars have been in since time began. It's like black socks and black shoes have always been in and will always be in.

So, if you're a fan of blue cars, you've come to the right place to see what another fan of blue cars is doing with his website. You've probably look for another website about blue cars and have not been happy with the results because, frankly they are few and far between.

So, strap on your blue-o-meter and check out the rest of the pages here about blue cars. You'll be happy with your little adventure. I promise after reading these pages, you won't be blue, true - very true.



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