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Blue Future Car

Blue future cars are sure to tickle the fancy of most electric and hydrogen car enthusiasts. Not that we want to tickly anyone's fancy here as we could be arrested for it. Still we believe the blue future car will stimulate even the classic automobile enthusiast. Why?


Because green cars are hot right now. What, you say, I though this website was about blue cars.

Yes, that is true, but even blue cars can be green, as in zero emissions green, not the color green you sarcastic and insolent reader.

But, I digress. Of interest, in the blue future car category are one electric car and a hydrogen car. The electric car oddly enough is called the Pininfarina BLUECAR. Yes, you saw that one coming now, didn't you. Not only is this car a zero emissions vehicle but the word "blue" is also in its name.

The BLUECAR is a joint venture between Pininfarina and Bolloré. Still considered a concept car, the Pininfarina BLUECAR will go into small scale production in Italy in 2010 and in large scale (60,000 units) production by 2015.

Now, the first blue future car that runs on hydrogen is the VW Space Up Blue. There are two unique features of the Space Up Blue that differentiates itself from many other hydrogen cars. First, instead of using a hydrogen PEM fuel cell, the Volkswagen Space Up Blue uses high temperature phosphoric acid fuel cell for propulsion.

In addition, the Space Up Blue is also a plug-in hybrid electric car. The Space Up Blue can travel the first 65 miles on lithium ion battery power alone. The second hydrogen car that I would like to mention is the Hyundai I-Blue.

The Hyundai I-Blue uses a 100 kW fuel cell sandwiched inside the floorboard of the vehicle providing more passenger room and more cargo room than other vehicles. The positioning of the fuel cell also gives the vehicle better weight distribution and more stability on the road.

The Hyundai I-Blue is a 4-seat vehicle with a cockpit design and can travel approximately 360 miles before refueling with 10,000 psi compressed hydrogen gas. These three future blue cars show us that the development of zero emission vehicles is not that far off.



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