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Blues Car

Anyone who loves the blues music has to have a blues car to go with their passion. What would Fats Domino be without a blues car? What would Bo Diddley or Blind Lemon Jefferson be without a blues car? Well, for one thing it would be a miracle because one was blind and both are dead.


But, you get my point, don't you. A blues musician needs an appropriate car to go with the whole persona.

It doesn't matter if they have cheap car insurance and a weathered leather interior, it's all about the look of the exterior of the car. The Blues Brothers starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd had two blues cars: a 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood and a Dodge Monaco Sedan.

Now, the Cadillac Fleetwood is a true blues car, but the Dodge Monaco, not so much. In fact, my first car as a teenager was a Dodge Monaco and it symbolized anything but the blues music, except for the fact that I was very sad driving that old rust bucket and wished I was driving me a big ole Cadillac.

Now, a blues car is definitely not a hybrid. You won't find John Lee Hooker driving around in no Prius. Once again because he is dead. But, also because that is just not a blues car.

No my friend (or critic as you may be) a blues car for great musicians has to be big, has to be a gas guzzler, cannot be green and has to be decorated to the hilt with bling. What blues car does B. B. King drive? How about Robert Cray? How about the Fabulous Thunderbirds? Do you think perhaps they drive Thunderbirds? They could. They should.

Besides your big ass Cadillac, the Thunderbird is about the only vehicle that is blues car approved along with a few older model cars. You don't want your Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown driving around in a Honda Civic. Once again because he's dead. But also again because that would be just plain silly.

No my friend, blues musicians need a blues car. That is just the way it is. This keeps the universe in balance and keeps order in the spiritual world. The minute we have an iconic blues guitarist tooling around in a VW bug, we are all finished. You and me, kaput.



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