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Electric Blue

The Electric Blue was a 1980 Ford Courier pickup truck that was converted in 2002 to run on a hydrogen fuel cell. The Electric Blue originally was an electric vehicle which ran on battery power.


The Electric Blue was the only hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to run in the 2002 Tour de Sol road rally starting in Baltimore, going to Washington DC and finishing in New York City with various promotional stops along the way.


The Electric Blue project consisted of high school students, college students, alternative car advocates and engineers.

Electric Blue's Technical Program Manager, Mike Strizki helped students put all of the components together. The Star Ledger quotes Strizki as saying, "What's unique about this project is that we've taken the oldest modern-day electrical vehicle out there and put space-age technology in it.

"We've done it with no budget, just a bunch of grassroots volunteer students and engineers. I'm doing it for a few thousand dollars, not $4 million. This one we rescued from a scrap yard. It took me and a lot of students many hours to restore the truck to original condition. The truck only had 8,000 miles, but had a lot of rot."

Mike Strizki himself now has the only solar-hydrogen home in New Jersey located in East Amwell. In his garage sits the New Jersey Genesis which is another hydrogen fuel cell vehicle he had worked on.

A company called H Cell donated two 500-watt hydrogen PEM fuel cells for the Electric Blue truck. They were stored in the bed of the truck along with a 3,800 psi hydrogen tank made of composite materials.

The hydrogen for the Electric Blue was produced with renewable energy from a hydroelectric plant in Canada by electrolyzing water into hydrogen and oxygen. The Electric Blue completed its road rally without incident.



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