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Light Blue Car

There are many fans of the light blue car. Some call their vehicles power blue and some baby blue. But, what you call your light blue car matters not, as long as you don't call it Ernie.


The light blue car comes in many different makes and models. You could be looking for information about a Ford Thunderbird, Chevy Camaro or even a VW Bug.


Of course there are many other varieties of light blue cars, in fact, too many to mention here. So, I just won't mention any more. There, take that.

Now, when one purchases a light blue car it is important to also get the correct accessories. For instance, what is a light blue car without some baby blue fuzzy dice? In addition, you can get blue light bulbs in the aftermarket for your vehicle.

Some other accessories that a few people will fall in love with for their light blue car is a neon undercar kit. Imagine pulling up to your favorite hangout in your light blue car with an intense neon blue undercar kit? Won't that be cool? Or it could be over-the-top depending upon your point of view. You do have a point-of-view don't you? That's good.

Online there are places to buy light blue car t-shirts. Other places sell light blue car coffee mugs. If you go for the whole light blue car persona you may as go all the way. If you're a guy you may want to have a light blue car shaved into the side of your head. If you're a gal, you may just want the same.

The Oklahoma City Thunder even have a light blue car flag that you can buy for your vehicle. There is even a 2007 Tennessee Titan's quarterback Vince Young light blue car collectible that I've seen on Amazon.

If you're truly a fan of the light blue car you can take your obsession to a whole new level and add a compulsion to this and have a full-blown OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) on your hands. Just keep buying light blue car paraphernalia and accessories and you'll be there sooner than you think.

But, if you enjoy your light blue car OCD then you have a full blown hobby on your hands. So, get started today and actually buy your light blue car, then accessorize it to the hilt. And, that's an order, soldier.



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